Sinan Akçıl Sent a Message to Music Critics and Eurovision

Sinan Akçıl who was a guest on ‘Müzik Kuşu’ programme that is broadcasted on Uçan Kuş TV and belongs to Michael Kuyucu explained his ideas about his projects, his songs’ stories and Eurovision.

Sinan Akçıl who presented his ‘Best of Aşk’ album short while ago to the music markets said to Michael Kuyucu that he will shoot his second video for ‘Arada Sırada’ (Occasionally) song that Ajda Pekkan sang before, and right after he will confront to his musiclovers with a new single in April.

I would like to Attend to Eurovision Song Contest

Sinan Akçıl said to Michael Kuyucu that Turkey will attend the Eurovision Song Contest in 2016 and he wants to represent Turkey in the contest as both singer and composer. While Sinan Akçıl was saying his music company does not want to see him as a singer in Eurovision, he also added that if he has a chance, he will attend also as a soloist to the contest. Sinan Akçıl said I would like to attend to Eurovision as a composer or together with a soloist.