Soner Arıca told about his Projects to Michael Kuyucu

Soner Arıca told about his ‘Başka İklimin Çiçekleri’ (The Flowers of Another Climate) album which he published in 2013 and his projects on X Radio to Michael Kuyucu. Soner Arıca who vocalized his classics such as  ‘Deniz Gözlüm’ (My Sea Eyed), ‘Bu mu Sevda’ in the programme said that he is so excited, because he will celebrate his 25th years of his music career in 2015. He who is the clip record holder and has 54 clips expressed that he will shoot a video clip for ‘Dava’ (Case) song. Soner Arıca will prepare a single album in 2014 summer, he indicated that he has opened the second scene of his career with his ‘Başka İklimin Çiçekleri’(The Flowers of Another Climate) album.

While Arıca was scanning the book of Michael Kuyucu ‘Müziğin Kilometre Taşları’ (The Milestones of The Music) he said that collecting into a book what they talk in a programme is so special and essential for music.