The Article of Michael Kuyucu Cited in 1st International Congress on Current Approaches in Communication, Literature,Music and Art Studiesm

m- anaThe article that called ” THE HISTORY OF MUSIC PRESS IN TURKEY A RESEARCH ABOUT HEY MUSIC MAGAZINE” that was published in Gümüşhane University Journal of Communication cited by Banu Erşanlı.


Banu Erşanlı cited Michael Kuyucu’s article in the 1ST Internatıonal Congres on Current Approaches in Communication , Literature , Music and Art Studies that was organized in the 24 and 25th of May in Kocaeli.  Erşanlı ‘s paper titled “From Soundies to TRT , From MTV to Youtube: Historical Evolution of the Video Music Clips” expressed the history of music video clips in the world.

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