The Article of Michael Published in “The İjmas Journal”

The article of Michael Kuyucu which is about The TV ındustry of Turkey published in International Journal of Management and Applied Science ‘s October 2015 volume 1 –  issue 9.

In the article named “HISTORICAL, ECONOMIC AND POLITICAL DEVELOPMENT OF TELEVISION BROADCASTING IN TURKEY AN INDUSTRY ANALYSIS” Michael made an analysis of Turkish TV industry in historical and economic base.

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In his study Michael, addressed the progress of television broadcasting in Turkey that underwent different developments from past to present. The historical development of the television has been studied by taking four breaking points -beginning, development, growth and commencement of the private television broadcasting and elimination of the broadcasting monopoly-as reference points. In the second part of the study, an industrial analysis was made on the television industry of Turkey for the year 2014. The study analyzing Turkish television channels based on the license and broadcasting formats. It has also a comprehensive analysis of the economic and political aspects of the television broadcasting of Turkey. In the study, it has been emphasized that the economic structure of television broadcasting is still important in Turkey and its position as the most important platform for advertising investments is still maintained while we go to the future. In Turkey, television still receives the highest share from advertising expenditures while the share received by television channels around the world declines in all media platforms.

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