The Media Economy of Turkey

Assistant Professor Doctor Michael Kuyucu who continues his academic works in İstanbul Aydın University at communication faculty as a teaching asssistant besided radio&television programmes wrote a book about the history of the economic devoloping of Turkish media. As well as the Printed media- Television and Radio channels’ economy history, there are also history of 40 media groups which takes active part in Turkish media in the book which published by ESEN Kitap (ESEN Book). While the history of Turkish media from the night press of the newspapers to digital online media was mentioning in this book, the media career’s history of Turkish media’s headliner and the academic research of the transition in the economic structure of Turkish media wrote out by Michael Kuyucu. In this academic research which made for the economic and ownership structure of Turkish media had coverage to economic developing of the media besides its historical improvement.

The historical period’s story was told which passed from the bosses who publish their newspapers and create their funds by themselves to media bosses who transfer fund to media holdings with incomes that they get from different sectors. Changeover which happens in Turkish Media and the half century media history of Turkey on the way which goes to media holdings that the great funds created from the media bosses whose family root comes from the journalism takes place in the ‘Türkiye’de Medya Ekonomisi’ (The Media Economy in Turkey) book.