The Research of Michael Kuyucu about “X and Y Generation Social Media Consuming” Published in IOSR-JHSS Journal

In his paper titled “The Social Media Use Habits of X and Y Generation in Turkey” Michael made a research on the social media usage on X and Y Generation in Turkey. The study focused on the differences of the X and Y generation’s social media habits. In the first part of the study the concept of generation and the theory of generation was expressed. There is a literature research on the most popular recent two generations X and Y generation’s specifications and their difference. In the research part of the study there is a survey applied to 985 people from X and Y generation and their social media is exploited. The survey asked the X and Y generation people how they use social media platforms and there is a private focus on the use habits of most popular social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Youtube. In the analysis part of the research there is a comparison of X and Y generation people’s social media use. The survey is conduct in Turkey’s biggest metropolis city Istanbul as a target population. In the conclusion part of the research there is a determination that there are some differences on the usage of Facebook and Twitter in X and Y Generation. Also there is a determination that X generation gives more important to Facebook and Y Generation gives more importance to Youtube.

makale ana