Use of Marketing Mix in Radio Article Published in UHPAB

Michael Kuyucu’s article exploring the “marketing mix in radio” published in UHPAD Journal. The paper titled “RADIO AND MARKETING MIX: THE USE OF 4Ps in THE MARKETING OF RADIO” which was published in UHPAD – International Refereed Journal of Marketing and Market Researchers analyzed how radio station market themselves and use 4P in their marketing activities in Turkey.

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In the paper:

There has been done a descriptive research on how radio stations use 4P and marketing mix in their marketing activities. In the first part of the study there is a conceptual deep research about 4Ps and the concept of marketing mix. In the study which has a literature review about the use of 4Ps in the marketing mix there has been a research on the question of “how do the radios do radio stations use 4Ps in their marketing activities?. There has been done interview with the target sample radio workers and the answer of this question was sleeked. As a result of the findings there has been a determination that in the transformation of radio channels from the traditional media to the new media, the new media tools brought an advantage to the 4Ps and as a result of this radios start using 4Ps more effectively in their marketing activities. This new position brought variety to the marketing of radio and enable radio marketing not to be done only in audio format as it was in the past, but to be done both with audio and visual tools with new global features.

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