We Interview with Reyhan Karaca in TV

Michael Kuyucu made an interview with Reyhan Karaca who is one of the most popular performer coming from 90s till now in his TV Show on Ucan Kuş TV.

Reyhan Karaca expressed her new song called “ŞANS” (Lucky) and gave information about her carrier plans. She said that she started to a new carrier plan with the new music company DMC and producer Samsun Demir in 2015. She released her first single “SOBE” on February and her second single “ŞANS” on May 2015. Reyhan Karaca announced that she will release a new single on the end of summer.


Michael Kuyucu and Reyhan Karaca shoot a photo with the press assistance of the singer Buket Kahraman who was the student of Michael Kuyucu in İstanbul Aydın University. Michael said that he was very happy to see his students in the media market after their graduation.