Will the New Media Finish the Radio?

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Assistant professor doctor Michael (Mihalis) Kuyucu who is a radio & tv programmer, assistant professor in İstanbul Aydın Üniversitesi at communication faculty, general director of GB Times Turkey told about how the radio channel is affected from the new media in conference which themed was about ‘The New Media, New Liberties, New Threats, Communication in Social Media Era’ and carried out in Girne American University.
In the conference which he conveyed his research to Girne American University Communication faculty students that is about ‘The Effects of the New Media to the Radio Management’ Michael Kuyucu indicated that the radio is listened too much every passing day via new media as saying the developments which happen in the new media and internet technologies force to radio managements adapting to this field
In the conference which also Girne American University students attended with their questions, Kuyucu explained that the radio channel has had a sixteenfold increasing in listening via new media over the past decade. Michael Kuyucu indicated that while the rate of listening the radio via new media channels in 2003 was 1.15 %, in 2013 this rate was 8.06 %. He also said that especially youths gave up listen to radio as traditional style, the youths listen to the radio via new media through tablet, smart phones’ applications, internet and other communication technologies anymore. Kuyucu highlighted that the radio managements should make investment provisions against to this trend, he also added that the radio managements who do not care about this subject will come across troubled days.

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