Yusuf Güney was a guest on Michael Kuyucu

Yusuf Güney who is a talented and handsome expositor of the music world was a guest on ‘Starzone’ programme which is broadcasted in Number One Turk Tv by Michael Kuyucu.
Yusuf Güney said that he will exactly make an album in 2014 and he indicated that he is planning to make two video clip for his present album. He expressed that his favorite song is ‘Denedim’(I Tried) in his album, he also stated that he had so many fake twitter accounts. Yusuf Güney said ‘I had so many problem with Twitter, there are a lot of fake account of me, I have an account on Instagram and Twitter but not in Facebook.’
Güney answered Kuyucu’s question “Which artists would you like to perform a duet in the world?” as Shakira and Enrique Iglaseas.